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Globe Valve

MED manufactures special globe valves with excellent performance and beautiful appearance, which are used in various industries, such as petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, electric power plants, etc.

Globe valves are durable and easy to make and maintain, with the sealing surfaces of globe valves having small friction in the opening and closing processes and their opening height being short, which are suitable for all kinds of pressure conditions.

The main function of globe valves in chemical pipelines is to cut off or connect the fluid, which should be applied to situations that require frequent opening and closing. Globe valves have a better performance in flow regulation than gate valves, which can be used in water, steam and other pipelines. But globe valves can not be supplied to regulate the pressure and the flow for a long time, and it is improper to be used in pipelines that are easy to occur coking and precipitation, and have large viscosity. Otherwise, the sealing surfaces of globe valves may be eroded by media and the sealing performance will be destroyed.