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Gate Valve

Topper offers gate valve products of high quality, including cast steel gate valves, pressure seal gate valves, bellow seal gate valves, slab gate valves, stainless steel gate valves and cryogenic gate valves.

Gate valves are one of the most common open-close valve products, using the gate to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline. What's special about gate valves is that they can only be fully opened and fully closed. When this type of valve is fully opened, the flow resistance of the medium in the valve channel is almost zero so that the opening and closing of gate valves will be very labor-saving. However, the distance from the gate to the sealing surface is far, with the time of opening and closing being long.

Gate valves easily adapt themselves to the environment, which can be applied in high-temperature, low-temperature, high-pressure and low-pressure conditions. Due to the need for relatively high sealing performance and small flow resistance, it is appropriate to choose gate valves to use in the steam pipelines and large-diameter water supply pipelines.

Cast steel gate valves are capable of connecting or cutting off media in pipelines, changing the flow direction of media and adjusting their pressure, so as to protect the normal operation of the pipeline equipment. With small fluid resistance and slight corrosion on sealing surfaces, this type of valve has a long service life. What's more, cast steel gate valves are widely applied to control the pipeline flow, pressure and temperature in various industrial automatic production and are used in environmental protection, energy management, fire protection system, petrochemical, light industry, water supply and drainage and other fields.
With the characteristics of attractive design, compact structure and reliable seal, pressure seal gate valves are suitable for all kinds of pipelines. Their self-sealing structure improves the integrity and safety of the valve body and the bonnet. This kind of valve is adopted a combined structure in the seal to achieve the effect of linear sealing, ensuring there is no leakage under the high-pressure difference and guaranteeing the long-term operation of valves.
Through conduit gate valves are manufactured with full port and outside stem & yoke designs. And double block and bleed and high robustness are standard features of the valve seat. With the low fluid resistance, through conduit gate valves can be widely used in geothermal, steam, natural gas, oil pipelines and storage devices, and also applied as reliable bilateral cut-off devices on pipelines for petroleum products, gas, corrosive media like acid and alkali, etc.
Knife gate valves mainly rely on the blade-shaped gates to cut off media. The fluid resistance of knife gate valves is small because the flow direction of media will not be changed with the direct medium channels in valve bodies. As the movement of gates is perpendicular to the direction of media in the open/close operation, knife gate valves own small torque and are labor-saving compared to globe valves. And media are not restricted in the flow directions, which can flow from both sides of knife gate valves in any direction to achieve the purpose of applying. Knife gate valves are suitable for situations with viscous particles and are often used in beverage, paper making, pulp, industrial sewage, urban sewage treatment, chemical plant, bulk material transportation and other industries.