Forged Steel Ball Valve Supplier China

Forged Steel Ball Valve

Forged Steel Ball Valves are suitable for petroleum, chemical, power and other industries and applied to pipelines, tanks and containers as opening and closing devices. Forged ball valves have small fluid resistance with the full flow design and are convenient to be installed and disassembled. Featuring good fire-proof property, they are able to ensure reliable sealing effects in the case of accidental fire and prevent sealing surfaces from being eroded by media. 

Body Material: Forged Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel.
Normal Diameter: 2 - 24 Inch (DN15 - DN600).
End Connection: BW, Flanged.
Pressure Range: Class 600 - 2500 LB (PN100 - PN420).
Operation: Lever, Gearbox, Electric, Pneumatic, Electro-Hydraulic Actuator, Gas-Over-Oil Actuator.
Working Temperature: -46℃ - +200℃.