Service Commitment

The guarantees the quality of valves products as follows:

We will strictly follow the requirements of contracts to provide products that meet design standards and qualities.

Our bidding products, including steel valves and other accessories, are advanced, qualified, mature and non-defective products that have been proven in actual use.

3. We will strictly inspect and control the incoming quality of raw materials, original components and accessories.

4. The products we bid for this time are under normal use conditions.

5. We guarantee that the equipment provided has complete processing technology and testing methods, and that the products will never leave the factory with defects.

6. In addition to being responsible for replacing any defective products unconditionally, if other products have quality problems, we will also compensate customers for the losses, and accept all reasonable penalties proposed by users.

7. We will take full responsibility for the supply, quality, equipment performance, technical interface, service and other issues related to the subcontractor. The key component subcontractor specifies in the contract must meet the relevant qualification requirements and be approved by the purchaser.

8. We will promptly notify the demand-side representative of the quality defects in the manufacturing process of the equipment instead of concealing them. If defects exceed the standard stipulated in the contract, we will replace products unconditionally. In the process of installation and trial operation, if the equipment has quality problems, the problems should be dealt with first, and then the responsibilities should be distinguished, and everything should take the requirements of the project schedule as the criterion.

9. We insure the supplied equipment during manufacture, transportation, loading and unloading. In the event of an accident, we will replace and repair the supplied equipment as soon as possible until the demander is satisfied.

10. During the unpacking process, if some parts are missing, we are responsible for supplying missing parts for free as soon as possible. If quality problems found during the process of installation and debugging or operating equipment in the future are caused by us, we will bear the responsibility and compensate the direct economic loss demanders suffer.