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Swing Check Valve

Swing check valves and lift check valves have the same opening and closing principle that they can automatically operate relying on the function of fluid pressure and the disc's deadweight. While the differences are that the operation of the disc is the rotary motion instead of moving up and down, and the direction of fluid inlet needs to be on the side that it can give impetus to the disc rotation. The closure member of swing check valves is a disc whose diameter is the equivalent of that of the pipeline, hanging in the valve. Under the function of fluid pressure, the disc will open when the fluid flows forward, and close when the pressure declines. Due to the weight of the disc, the fluid will suffer relatively large resistance provided by swing check valves in a state of opening.

Product Feature: Swing Check Valve.
Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel. 
Normal Diameter: 1/2 - 60 Inch (DN15 - DN1500). 
End Connection: BW, Flanged. 
Pressure Range: 150 - 2500 LB (PN16 - PN420). 
Working Temperature: -196℃ - +560℃.