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Plug Valve

Topper supplies top-quality plug valves, such as lubricated plug valves, expanding plug valves, non-lubricated plug valves and so on.

Plug valves are mainly used to cut off the medium and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. It is easy for them to adapt to multi-channel construction, which simplifies the design of pipeline system and reduces the number of connections required in the equipment. With small resistance and convenient open/close operation, the fluid can go through directly. Plug valves can be applied in oil field exploitation, natural gas field exploitation, branch pipe of pipeline transportation, refining and cleaning equipment, etc.

In the process of opening and closing, there is no friction between the core and the seat, thus avoiding energy losses and ensuring no leakage and long service life of plug valves. Plug valves own automatic sealing inspection system, double break switch and end cover on the top and bottom, which can be timely maintained and repaired. Generally, plug valves are suitable for occasions that require a high level of sealing.