China Butterfly Valve Manufacturer Suppliers Plant

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are regulators with simple structures. Due to the limitation of structures and sealing materials, butterfly valves are not suitable for conditions with extremely high pressure and pressure differential. Their pressure losses are rather large relative to ball valves and gate valves, so they are inappropriate for the occasion with minimal resistance requirements. But compared with other valves, butterfly valves are more suited to be made as large-diameter valves. Under the same caliber size, butterfly valves are smaller, lighter and easier to operate at a lower cost. These advantages will be more and more obvious as calibers become larger and larger.

Butterfly valves have multiple types and a wide range of applications. Topper provides reliable butterfly valve products, including lug concentric butterfly valves, wafer concentric butterfly valves and double offset butterfly valves. Generally speaking, butterfly valves can be used for our domestic water pipes, fire water pipes, circulating water pipes and sewage pipes to control and adjust the flow. In addition, they are also suitable for some powder, oil, mud and ventilation pipelines.